British Isles

Maps of the British Isles. Subcategories below: England and Wales, English Counties, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, British Islands, Road Maps, Town Plans, London, Railways & Waterways, Regional & Folding.
Whole of Britain
Whole of Britain 15 maps

Maps of the whole of the British Isles.

England & Wales
England & Wales 41 maps

Maps of England and Wales but not showing Scotland.

English Counties
English Counties 39 sub-categories

Maps of the 39 English counties.

Scotland Maps
Scotland Maps 2 sub-categories

Maps of Scotland, parts of Scotland, Scotland county maps and Scottish Islands.

Ireland Maps
Ireland Maps 2 sub-categories

Maps of Ireland, parts of Ireland and Irish counties.

Wales Maps
Wales Maps 4 sub-categories

Maps of the whole of Wales, North and South Wales, and Welsh counties.

Road Maps
Road Maps 6 sub-categories

Road maps of Britain by John Ogilby, Owen & Bowen, John Cary and others.

Town Plans
Town Plans 52 maps

Plans and birds eye views of towns and cities in the British Isles.

London Maps
London Maps 3 sub-categories

Maps of the Whole of London, Parts of London and the Environs of London.

British Islands
British Islands 5 sub-categories

Maps of the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scottish Islands and Other British Islands.

Waterways & Railways
Waterways & Railways 15 maps

Maps of the Railways, Waterways and Canal maps of the British Isles.

Regional and Folding
Regional and Folding 4 sub-categories

Old Ordnance Survey Maps, Folding maps, Estate and Sale Plans, Regional maps by independant surveyors.