Listed below are categories, some with subcategories, click image to go to each category.
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Topographical 6 sub-categories

Topographical prints of the British Isles and the rest of the World.

Natural History
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Natural History 4 sub-categories

Animals, Plants, Life and the Natural World.

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Portraits 3 sub-categories

Portraits of notable people and characters.

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Decorative 7 sub-categories

Sub-headings include Pastoral, Armorial, Childrens, Cookery, Fashion and Frontispieces.

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Architectural 19 maps

Prints of Archectural interest including building plans.

Social & Political
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Social & Political 91 maps

Political and social events. Trades, occupations and pastimes.

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Sporting 13 maps

Hunting shooting fishing and other sport related prints.

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Military 3 maps

Military prints, Uniforms, Military equipment. Battle scenes.

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Maritime 25 maps

Ships, shipbuilding, sea battles and river boats.

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Humour 52 maps

Humourous prints and cartoons including Punch prints.

Ethnographic, Travel & Exploration
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Ethnographic, Travel & Exploration 47 maps

Prints of peoples and races, travel and exploration.

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Theological 22 maps

Prints relating to religions and faiths.

Science & Technology
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Science & Technology 22 maps

Prints of Scientific, Medical, Mechanical, Contstructional and Technological interest.