Whole of France

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£16 Michael Thomson 1816 Ref: 5265gf
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14x18 cm

FRANCE with the NETHERLANDS in Departments.
Engraved for Walkers New Atlas.

Engraved by Michael Thomson and published in Walker's Universal Atlas for the Use of Schools. London, 1816.
Michael Thompson (fl.1809-1815) worked as a mapmaker and engraver from Covent Garden, The Strand and Bloomsbury from 1809-1815. He is recorded as apprenticed to Samuel John Neele (1758-1824) engraver and printer on 4th July 1799 as son of the late William Thomson, musician of Fountain Court, Strand. He died late 1815 or early 1816, his will left five guineas to Selina Price who was later to marry engraver Sidney Hall (1788?-1831) who took over the Bury Street premises of Michael Thompson.

Copper engraving in good condition with good original hand colour.


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