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£80 Turkey and Asia by Nicholas Sanson 1652 Ref: 6435tm
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25x19 cm

TURQUIE en ASIE par le S.r Sanson d'Abbevil Geographe du Roy Avec privilege pour vingt ans 1652

Published in L'Asie en plusieurs cartes nouvelles... Nicolas Sanson, Paris 1652.
Nicolas Sanson (1600-1667). Born at Abbeville, Picardy, became active in mapmaking from 1627 becoming Royal Geographer and gave lessons to Louis XIII and Louis XIV. He has become known as the "Father of French Geography".

Fine hand coloured map showing the eastern Mediterranian, Black Sea and west Caspian seas,  Greece, Bulgaria, southern Ukraine, Crimea, Armenia, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Jordan and the north coast of Egypt.


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