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£10 Otmuchow Nyasa Poland 1762 Ref: 4706
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38x25 cm

Untitled map of the area around Otmuchow and Nyasa in Poland part of Silesia engraved by John Gibson (fl.1748-1773) and published in The Gentleman's Magazine.

The Gentleman’s Magazine was founded by Edward Cave (1691-1754) in 1731, a periodical which regularly featured maps from 1736 engraved by Emanuel Bowen, Thomas Bowen, John Gibson, Thomas Jefferys and others. Cave, who used the pseudonym Sylvanus Urban, was a friend of Samuel Johnson who wrote parliamentary reports for the magazine. Cave died on 10th Jan 1754 and his estate passed to his sister Mary Henry, his brother-in-law David Henry, and his nephew Richard Cave, who retained control of the magazine until 1778.

Number 23 of a series of 36 maps were issued at irregular intervals from 1760 and formed a large map of Saxony, Bohemia and Silesia referred to on the index map published Jan 1760 as A New Geographical and Military Atlas.

Folds. Smallish right margin.


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