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£180 Pacific Ocean by Anson 1748 Ref: 6450xg
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89x28 cm

A CHART of the PACIFIC OCEAN from the Equinoctial to the Latitude of 39½d. No.
R.W.Seale Sculp.

Chart engraved by Richard William Seale (1703-1762) on two sheets joined showing the voyage of Commodore Anson in The Centurion from Apapulco to Tenian and China and the voyages of the Spanish Galleon Nostra Seigniora de Cabadonga from Manila to Acapulco and from Apapulco to Guam and the Phillipines where she was taken by Commodore Anson in The Centurion on 30th June 1743.
The chart also shows the coastlines of The Philipines, Japan, Mexico and California.
Published in A Voyage Round The World, in the years MDCCXL,I,II,III,IV. by George Anson Richard Walter, M.A. London 1748.

Some browing at sheet join but still a very good example,


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