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£10 Newcomen Society Transactions Vol.21 Courier Press 1943 Ref: gc242
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THE NEWCOMEN SOCIETY for the study of the history of ENGINEERING and TECHNOLOGY
LONDON Printed for the Society The Courier Press, Leamington Spa 1943 
Paper binding (20x25cm) Printed cover and spine. xii, 178pp. 24 b/w plates. 
Reports include Evolution of the Sugar Cane Mill, Early use of Steam Power in the Sugar Cane Industry, Prhistoric and Primitive Iron Smelting part 2, Herny Cort's Bicentenary, Early Railways in Surrey, History of needle making, Origin of Gauges for Wire, Sheets and Strip, Early Engineering to the Warming of Buildings, History of the Hydraulic Extrusion Process, Highway repairs in the 18th Century, Megalithic Ruins at Cuzco, Peru, Use of Cast Iron in Building.
Illustrations in the text including map of proposed railway Rochester, Shoreham and Portsmouth. 
Covers and spine worn and chipped but contents good.

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