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Morden Robert
Morden Robert 1722

Copper engraving produced by Robert Morden for publication in Edmund Gibson's translation of William Camden's Britannia first  published by Abel Swalle and Awnsham & John Churchill in 1695. This is the first series of maps to mark longitude in minutes of time (top border) as well as in degrees (bottom border). For most counties longitude is based on the meridian of St. Paul's, London.

The work was republished in 1722, 1730, 1753 and, finally in 1772.  The plate was updated for the 1722 edition mostly with changes to place name spellings and was reworked for the 1753 edition due to wear on the plate.

Good hand coloured example of the map of Lancashire from the 1722 edition. 

Size: 36x43 (Centimetres)
Ref: 5389hg
Morden Robert
Morden Robert 1722
Bowen, Emanuel.
Bowen, Emanuel. 1751
Ellis Joseph
Ellis Joseph 1773
Baker Benjamin
Baker Benjamin 1793
Cary, John
Cary, John 1805
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, Henry 1825
Hall, Sidney.
Hall, Sidney. 1834
Archer, Joshua
Archer, Joshua 1860
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