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£45 Wyddial & Layston Land Exchange 1902 Board of Agriculture Ordnance Survey Ref: os25.11
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Linen backed composite segment of 25" O.S. Map with pasted title and pasted scale bar.
The map is overprinted and highlighted with parcels of land relating to an attached two page Board of Agriculture Order of Exchange red ruled handwritten on vellum detailing the exchange of lands between Charles Henry Brabazon Heaton Ellis of Wyddial Hall and William Butt of the Manor of Corneybury.
Some "dustiness" to exposed areas of map and document with some chipping to edges of map but generally in good order. Dated signature to map title 2.5.02. Seal of the Board of Agriculture on the document  dated 26 May 1902.
The map is 79x65cm., the 2 page document is 46x54cm.

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