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£2250 Desnos. Atlas de l'Angleterre. Louis Charles Desnos 1767 Ref: a6058
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Revues Corigees, augmentees, & reduites,
Chez le Sr. Desnos...1766 

THE Roads through England
or, Ogilby's Survey Revised, Improved, and Reduced
By Senex 
Printed at Paris
For Desnos....

4to (22x30cm.) Original simulated leather boards with spine in compartments faced gilt decorated calf, 3 Volumes in one. Engraved title in French and English (as above) | 10 double page engraved hand coloured sectional maps of the south of England and Wales | 2 double page engraved sectional maps of western France colour wash to sea area only. | 8pp. text description and itinerary of the roads through England and Wales in smaller format with pasted margins top and bottom. | Engraved map of England and Wales; CARTE Generale des Routes Dirextes et principales Routes de traverse D'OGILBY. | 101 engraved strip road maps derived from Senex with titles in French printed one side only. | Engraved title; RECUEIL des VILLES PORTS D'ANGLETERRE ...PARIS M.DCC.LXVI. | Double page engraved table to London plan | Double page engraved plan of London (Howgego ref. 142) | 15pp. engraved town plans printed one side only; Yarmouth & Dover, Caernarvon & Portsmouth, Plymouth & Winstanley's Eddistone lighthouse, Shrewsbury, York, Newcastle & Berwick, Chester, View of Carrickfergus & Plan of Chester Castle, Waterford & Oxfrod, Leith & Harwich, View of Edinburgh Castle, Dublin, Galway & Kinsale, Limerick, Environs of Limerick.

Other examples of this composite atlas in three parts include an engraved title page NOUVEL ATLAS D'ANGLETERRE...PARIS 1767. With the title page ITINERAIRE DE TOUTES LES ROUTES DE L'ANGLETERRE placed before the Senex road maps. This example lacks the dated title page and has the road map title placed at the front of the work, it is likely that it was published in the same year.
Boards rubbed and worn. Splits at spine but holding firm. Contents clean and undamaged throughout. There is a small discreet circular blind stamp in the bottom corner of the last free endpaper for Neatham Mill Library.
A very good copy of an uncommon composite atlas with the full set of Senex road maps with French titles.

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